Roma Chocolates: 2013 Summer Limited

Connoisseurs of Chocolate Confections,

I’ve spent the past year attending to my first year of doctoral studies, along with tinkering in the test kitchen and researching things confectionery.   Graduate school in philosophy is demanding, yet rewarding, and throughout it all I looked forward to caramelizing sugar, whipping up nougat, and tempering chocolate once again.  So, over the next couple of weeks I will be confectioning for L.A. chocolate lovers!

I am, therefore, pleased to announce this edition of Roma Chocolates: Summer Limited:
*LA Luxe Bar: peanuts, nougat, caramel, enrobed in a custom blend of Valrhona chocolate, topped with Maldon Sea salt flakes–this praised bar is the Roma Chocolates original.
*Le Mieux Bar: almonds, nougat, caramel, enrobed in dark Valrhona–if you can believe it, the original just got better.
*La Mord Bar: chocolate-malt nougat, fleur de sel caramel, enrobed in Valrhona Equatoriale–if I die, let it be by chocolate. (A limited amount will be made.)
*Le Coeur Bar: shortbread, fleur de sel caramel, enrobed in Valrhona Equatoriale–at the heart of childhood memory lies this bar.  (A limited amount will be made.)

I use quality, responsible, honest ingredients.  For example, my sugars are organic and fairtrade, my dairies are organic and local, my chocolate is all Valrhona (one of the finest chocolate purveyors in the world).  For more information on ingredients and method please visit .

Each bar costs $5.  Purchase over twelve bars and each bar is $4.  You may commission bars through Friday, August 9.  (Please contact me directly for wholesale inquiries.)  Pick-Ups will occur through pop-up locations (in dtLA, Silverlake/EchoPark, and WeHo) or delivery, depending on amount ordered.

Thank you for your continued support and kindness!

Chocolate, Philosophy, and Love,


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