Hi, I’m Roma. I started making chocolate confections when my oven broke. As an avid baker and new stay-at-home parent I was super bummed when that happened.  So still looking for a culinary creative outlet, I turned to candy-making.  I made caramel for the first-time and enrobed it in melted (yet untempered) chocolate.  (It was untempered because I didn’t know, back then, that you had to do this thing called “tempering” in order to get melted chocolate to set properly. I though you simply melted it! What blissful naivete.) When I gifted those chocolate-covered treats to friends, I witnessed an excitement I had never before seen.  So, with a conked-out oven and a whole new exciting world of sweets my new passion began to form.

I’m an academic at heart. That means that what I did next is what comes natural: I thoroughly researching confectionery and chocolatiering and very rapidly started amassing a wealth of knowledge. But as it must go with things culinary, the true mastery lies in the kitchen, so I stepped into the difficult and temperamental world of sugar and chocolate.

I experimented. I made nougat for the first time. I made more caramel. Then more nougat and more caramel. And as I delved further into experimentation I continued using ingredients that I personally prefer, which are most often local, organic, and of exceptional quality. I believe that the quality and integrity of ingredients determines the quality and the composition of the finished product.  After much exploration, tinkering, and romping about, Roma Chocolates was born.

So far, I do everything by hand. Nothing is yet automated and I attend to every aspect of Roma Chocolates in incredible detail. I temper chocolate by hand. I enrobe by hand. All the bars are wrapped by hand. I print all the labels, cut them myself, and label by hand. The Roma Chocolates aesthetic is all designed by yours truly. As a micro start-up, I’ve learned to stretch my abilities and learn new ones in order to share my chocolate confections with others. I invite you to taste these little wonders soon. For let us not forget, “We are the music makers, And we are the dreamers of dreams…We are the movers and shakers, Of the world for ever, it seems.”


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