I have a secret.  I have never so clearly seen this aspect of me as when I started making chocolates and confections: At my core, I am a perfectionist.  It’s true.  During my many years as an academic this secret should have been pretty apparent to me.  But no.  I foolishly believed that everyone was as thorough, slow, and excruciatingly self-critical as I was; and in believing that, I thought I was normal…with no secret to speak of.  But alas, it’s true: I’m a perfectionist who loves incredibly complicated tasks…like making confections.  Strange that this was never obvious to me.  Oh but how the world of tempering, sugar burning, and water testing brings to the fore one’s inner pedante culinarius.

And because I’m somewhat new to this whole chocolate world, relatively speaking, I learn through research (which is fun) and through trial and error (which is less fun, but still quite fun).  I love the complexity that is involved in chocolates and candy-making, and love learning their varied nuances too!

I take time to attend to every detail of the candy-making process.  All of my confections are meticulously hand made in micro-batches.  And I settle for nothing less than perfection.  I hand-select each ingredient I use, and use only the finest.  I research and develop recipes, only releasing my confections when I think they are absolutely perfect.  I temper the chocolate by hand.  I enrobe each confection by hand.  I design my own aesthetic representations, cut my own labels, and wrap each bar one at a time.  I do all of this because I love the innocent pleasure that is found in tasting my chocolates; because of LA Luxe love!


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